Thursday, November 26, 2009

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! Our family is very grateful for all the thoughts and prayers that have been said on behalf of Mel and our family. We have seen an outpouring of love from friends and family. I know that prayers are answered, and Mel looks a lot better than when she first came here 13 days ago. Although there is still a long road ahead, the future is bright. Thank you so much!

We are having a fun time up here at the hospital this Thanksgiving. We have been watching football, playing farkel, and soon will be playing some pinochle. We have had some great laughs today, and I'm sure will have plenty more to come. The pictures below were taken yesterday and today. We hope you enjoy them. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!

(Mels new Due)

(Nataliya cut Mel's hair)

(Mother and son)

(Charise and Kim)

(The background says "Got Neutrophils?" Mel needs some to get out of the hospital for a while.)

(Mel, Kaden, and Shithead talking a walk)

(Thanksgivin dinner! Mmmmmm...yum)

(Kaden and Grandpa eat Thanksgiving dinner)

(Playing Farkel. Melanie beat everyone)

(Charise getting ready to drop the dice)

(Don't we look like a happy family? We are!)


Alean said...

So glad to see you smiling. It looks like as good of a Thanksgiving as you could have in the hospital. Thought about you a lot today. I'm so grateful for medical advances, and I know you are too. I'm going shopping tomorrow, anything you want or need for Christmas?-Alean

Cami said...

Happy Thanksgiving sweet Melly! It looks like a fun one. I heard the food wasn't half bad. I am thankful for you!

Amy said...

Happy Thanksgiving. Thank you for the blog. It's amazing to see your strength Melanie, the love in your family, n how humor n hard work is getting everybody through it all. Love the latest pics, you look vibrant n happy even in tough circumstances. What a great example :)

Shithead- I love it. I think I have called a pump that before but probably pronounced it wrong :( I guess cranberry sauce is one food that isn't any worse in the hospital. Keep smiling, loving, moving forward. Keep the nurses on their toes too. You have been n continue in our prayers.

gloriabin said...

Melanie, We are happy you had a good Thanksgiving. We hope your treatment continues to help you get better. We are praying for you and your family. Love, Gail & Gloria Bingham

Les said...

Mel, you have such pretty blue eyes! We're glad you had a good Thanksgiving!
-Scott & Les