Thursday, May 6, 2010

Origami Birds

We have been having a grand time these last few days. Kim and Melanie arrived yesterday morning. Melanie was a little subdued. She had learned that morning that one of her good friends, Janine Ward past away. Melanie and Janine have been friends for years. It was shocking and sad for Melanie.

Melanie spent some of the afternoon working on paying bills. She hasn't been in the mind set or availability of her bills for a long time. It felt good to get some of them checked off the list. As she is started to get some of the medical bills paid, she is even more grateful for all the donations!

Melanie is still required to have her magnesium IV every day. As long as she is on the Tacro medication, it will be a must. Some people are able to take a magnesium pill, which would allow Melanie to have her central line taken out. She isn't too quick to do that, because it makes transfusions and blood draws so much easier!

Having aunt Melanie here wouldn't be the same without some DSi download. Austin LOVES it!

A few side effects of Melanie's medicine and treatments makes clipping her fingernails a challenge. First, is her constant shaking from Tacro. We were laughing that she couldn't hold still enough to clip them. Secondly, her fingernails are peeling. She has a new layer growing, so the layer on the top is peeling off. However, she still managed to give herself a nice manicure today!

Today we had some adventures. We went for lunch at a yummy place here called Flour Girls and Dough Boys. They have great sandwiches and delicious desserts. We arrived at a great time. It was pretty empty, so Melanie could take her mask off and eat in peace. After lunch we went to Target and then Costco. By the time we made it to Costco, Melanie was pretty tired, so she rode on a moving cart. When we were starting to leave the store, this cute old man with a cart asked Melanie when she would be done using the "scooter". She told him we were done and that we could move her stuff to his cart and then he could use the one she had. After we were done transferring items, the man pulls a yellow piece of paper out of his pocket and proceeds to fold it into an origami bird. It was so cute of him! It made us all smile.

Melanie and Kim are heading back up to Hyde Park tomorrow afternoon. Melanie has a good friend, Laura, visiting from Wisconsin she wants to see. She will be able to get some blood work done on Saturday at Logan Regional, so she doesn't have to come back down that day, and she will be able to attend Janine's funeral on Tuesday.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Ward family at this time.


Les said...

Look at all that cute new hair!!

Jill said...

My sister Janie is married to Janine's son, Dan. It is so heartbreaking to them. They have been away for his schooling for so many years and were so thrilled to get a job at the U of U and were excited to be closer to their family. They will be moving home (from Michigan) in July. She was one awesome lady and my thoughts are with them also. Danny flew home yesterday and Janie is driving across America with the kids and will be here tomorrow. Hope all is well! Jill

Marley said...

I would say that was a good omen because I love coincidental meetings and what not... yellow origami cranes are to celebrate new beginnings, freedom and joy, creativity and a bright welcome of sunshine....