Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day Mel

Melanie has often said that the hardest thing about being sick for the last few months has been the time spent away from Kaden. They have really stuck together through the ups and downs of Leukemia. I think they have both learned to appreciate each other more and have learned to cherish the time they get to spend together.

Being a single mom has been really challenging and I think Mel has done a terrific job in providing for the needs of Kaden. She has worked hard to get her education despite the demands of being a teacher and single mother. Mel loves being a mother! I think she is raising a great young man! Kaden is so blessed to have a mother who loves him unconditional, with all of her heart!

Happy Mother's Day Mel!

As far as an update goes, Her labs looked good on Sat. She goes to Salt lake on Wed. for a clinic visit. She is feeling tired, is always cold, and has a tremor, but is happy, fun and smiley despite it all! It is nice to have Mel home.

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