Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Fundraiser Event

Saturday was the big fundraiser event. Mother nature kept it cool and wet at times, but that didn't stop the wonderful supporters! It was amazing to see the outpouring of love and support for Melanie. The event raised just over $26,000.00!!! Melanie was in awe and wonder at that number. She is so grateful for all who gave so graciously! This will really help to relieve the medical burden of now and in the future. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! There were so many donations made and money given. It was humbling to see someone walk up with just a book at the garage sale, and then write a check for $50.00! We live and grew up in such a wonderful community! Cami knows the list of volunteers better than I do, so she will add some personal "thank you" on here. Cami and her volunteers did such a great job planning and organizing the event. They spent so much time! You ladies are all outstanding!! I wanted to put a few of the pictures I took from the event. Mike was the one running around clicking photos, when it was hopping busy! We will be updating and adding to this post over the next few days!

Enjoy the pictures!


Chelsey said...

You guys had so many great things at the fundraiser! I have a question, I was notified that I had won something but when I called the phone number back the next day, they didn't really know who to contact. Who should I let know? You can email me at


Chelsey Markham

rania_ka said...

Melanie you cant imagine how happy i am for you..
Your looking great!!
Keep smiling!!

Love Rania

Kerren said...

Fantastic! So much goodness . . . and such a lot of love and sharing! The organization and management was amazing, and I've never seen such wonderful donations! I don't even mind that my raffle tickets didn't get drawn. It was fun,especially seeing Mel looking so happy. Loved it!

Les said...

That's so awesome!! It really shows how many people Mel has in her life that love her!!