Saturday, May 29, 2010

Giving Up Control

Melanie had a clinic visit yesterday which ended out being an all day affair much to her chagrin. Her hematocrit was really low and so she needed a transfusion. They waited for 3 hours for the blood. It was really frustrating for her and our mom to just sit there and wait. Kaden had a baseball game that Mel wanted to be there for. She said, "I don't miss baseball". She made it to a few minutes of the game, but missed seeing Kaden up to bat.

I remember sitting in Mel's pre- transplant meeting and Dr. Ash telling her that the hardest part about post transplant life is giving up control. It's hard no doubt about it. Mel has so much that she wants to do each day, but her body just won't let her. She tires so easily, yet she keeps going and works hard to live life as normally as possible. The clinic visits are an inconvenience most of the time, but so necessary as Mel continues her battle.

Next week Mel will receive the first of four spinal taps which will include chemo being injected into her spine. We were really concerned about the chemo killing her hard-at-work donor cells. The Dr. explained that it won't affect them, they are just hoping to kill any lingering leukemia cells in her spinal fluid. She will have another bone marrow biopsy the following week. Mel has requested to be put completely under for this one. I hope they grant her wish! Her last biopsy was horrific.

Melanie has still been working on getting her classroom packed up. She isn't able to lift anything or handle the dust covered items, so she directs everyone on where to put things. Our cousins have been such a huge help to her! Emily has donated many hours in helping Mel. It is so neat to see everyone helping out in their own way, when and where they can. Thanks to everyone!


rania_ka said...

Melanie I'm still praying for you..
Rania from Greece..

Khadra said...

Hi Melanie,
This is Khadra and I used to live in the little store in Hyde Park. I just was surfing around on FB and noticed Cami mentioning you in the hospital then came and read through your blog. Looking though your pictures has made me all home sick! So many familiar faces from my childhood.

Sending healing thoughts your direction from the east coast.