Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Clinic Day

Mom and Mel went to Salt Lake today for a clinic visit. Mel's blood levels are looking good. Everything was up with the exception of her hematocrit. It wasn't low enough for a transfusion though which was nice, when she requires a transfusion it adds hours to the visit. Mel found out that her central line is coming out on its own. This isn't a welcome thing because if it does fall out then Mel will have to be poked whenever they need blood. Having her central line is so much easier! It allows the nurses to give her anything she needs intravenously, quickly and without needles. We hope her line will stay put for a little while longer. The site of her line entry looks so sore and a little infected...ouch! They have decided to start weaning Mel off of the magnesium drip and start giving it to her in pill form. It is really hard on the stomach so they are doing it slowly to see how she tolerates it. Mel also received a breathing treatment today that is pretty nasty. It helps kill fungi and prevents pneumonia. Mel has to be in a room all by herself as she breathes it because it is pretty toxic. I can't remember the name of the treatment, it has a weird name. Anyway, we hope it does its job in keeping Mel pneumonia free.

Mel was able to come back home after her clinic visit! It is such a treat to have her home! I love to sit on her bed and talk or watch TV with her. I missed the simple things while she was gone that will never be taken for granted again.

I love you Mel!!

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Marla said...

Melanie, It was great to see you today at school. The students responded well with you and had a blast doing the song with you. I am glad that you have been able to get a taste of your life before, just so you don't forget how many people your life has effected. Love your guts!!!!! Marla