Tuesday, April 24, 2012


We had a little get together at Greg's house to celebrate my dad's birthday.  My mom and Charise made some yummy dinner and cake.  I thought it was time to give an update on Melanie.

Her hair is still falling out.  It is pretty patchy right now.  Here she is showing some of the balding spots.  My dad brought down all of her hats this weekend.

On Saturday, Melanie was able to attend some of Kaden's baseball games.  He was playing in Bountiful, so it was not far away.  It was nice for her to be able to cheer him on!

Melanie is still doing the Levenox shots for her blood clot (which is healing nicely).  The shots are reeking havoc on her stomach.  Her stomach is swollen, bruised, and extremely sore right now.  It is hard for her to get around.  We use our stomach muscles for quite a bit!  Originally, they wanted her to do the shots for 6 months!  After seeing her lovely hematoma on her stomach, they have shortened it to 6 weeks.  She still has 3 more to go!  She is running out of areas to put the shot.  Poor girl!

I think they were trying to figure out how many bodies they could fit on one mattress.  We could hear them laughing upstairs!

A Happy Birthday to Grandpa and Brooke!

Melanie wanted me to let people know that she is doing great.  Other than her stomach, things are going well.  Her counts are starting to come up, which means the cells are ingrafting!  Now she just wants to be able to go home!

Thank you all for your continued prayers for Melanie. 

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Kimbies said...

Nice update Ang! The new carpet looks great Greg!! :) Melanie, your poor tummy! Hope the next 3 weeks go fast! Love you and I will see you Friday!!