Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday the 13th

To Melanie, today was a fitting day for the title of Friday the 13th.  Today is the day her hair finally started to come out.  We thought she was going to keep it some how this time around.  However, that is not to be the case.  Hopefully, I will have some pictures to put on soon.

Melanie has been doing pretty good otherwise.  She still battles nausea and tiredness.  She goes to the hospital on Monday and Wednesday for labs.  On Friday she has labs drawn and has a clinic visit.  She has not been drinking enough water these days, so she is going to start having some fluids through her central line.

Melanie is beautiful bald, so all is good!


Les said...

I'm not sure if it'd work for Mel but I started drinking Peppermint Tea to help my nausea for the meds I'm taking and it has worked unbelievably well for me! Maybe something her Dr might know if it'd help her's? :)

Amy Parker said...

Miss Melanie, you are so BEAUTIFUL!! You are a wonderful example of a wonderful Daughter of God and am so glad you are in our lives to show my children a true child of God. We love you and pray for you always. (Waylon still mentions you in every prayer.) Hang in there.