Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Better Day

Today was a little better for Melanie.  As she put it, "I didn't puke."  She sounded pretty tired when I spoke with her.  She said it was a long day full of waiting.  She has her new central line in and it is feeling pretty good.  Sore, but not painful. 

Tomorrow is a day that Melanie has not been looking forward to.  Ever since she has known about the second transplant, she has dreaded radiation.  It made her so sick last time!  She is going to arrive early to get plenty of anti nausea medicine in her system.  She said she is just trying not to think about it.

Good luck, Melanie!  We will all be praying for you!


Cami said...

We miss you Mel! Good luck tomorrow. You're in my thoughts and prayers, always. I love you!

Kimbies said...

Good luck today Mel! Love you so much! I will see you tomorrow! :)