Monday, March 26, 2012

Back in Salt Lake

We had our family meeting on Thursday.  We learned that Melanie's donor is a 31 year old male.  He has lived in Europe for 5 years or longer (Maybe his whole life?).  Melanie and my mom headed back to Salt Lake today.  Melanie starts her three days of the chemo fludarabine today.  On Thursday, she will have full body radiation.  Melanie is mostly worried about the radiation.  It made her so sick last time!  They talked about all the precautions they are taking this time around.  Hopefully they can prevent any of her previous side effects.  On Friday, she will have another dose of full body radiation, and her transplant.  I put the wrong date on an earlier post!  All of this will be done outpatient. 

Family Meeting

We had Kim and Mike on speaker phone.

Mom and Dad


We will get one with Kim on Friday!

Austin sat so quietly in the corner playing a game during the whole meeting!

Dr. Hoda told Melanie to plan on staying in Salt Lake through the month of April.  She will have to have labs drawn every Monday and Wednesday, and a clinic visit every Friday.  Melanie said, "We will see if I am here the entire month."  Dr. Hoda's response was, "You may be here for two."  We all got a laugh!

Melanie, Dr. Hoda, and Ladee

Melanie remains optimistic that she will be able to do all of this outpatient, and not have to be admitted.  She has great faith that everything is going to go well.  Regardless, she knows whatever happens is Heavenly Father's plan.

So, for now, mom and Melanie will be staying with Greg and Charise and making their daily trips to the hospital.  Friday will be the big transplant day (birthday number 3)!  Kim is flying in on Friday to stay for a week.  We will have another great birthday party! 

Go, Fight, Win, Mel!!

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