Wednesday, June 16, 2010

One Lumbar Puncture Down!

Melanie had her first of four lumbar punctures yesterday. It went well. She was sedated so she didn't have any pain. Afterward she had to remain flat on her back to prevent a spinal headache. She was really tired after the procedure and for the remainder of the day.

This morning she was nauseated, but thankfully it subsided. She went back to the hospital to have her Methotrexate (chemo that was injected into her spine) level checked. The doctors said that the chemo that is injected into the spine doesn't cross the blood/brain barrier. Mel's blood work suggests otherwise. Her levels were high enough that she has to take some medication. So the chemo does end out in the blood stream.

Mel also had a treatment that prevents pneumonia. She has had it before and it is nasty stuff! Last time she was alone in the room, but this time someone stayed with her. The staff that stayed with her had to wear a mask so they wouldn't breathe in the toxic stuff.

As far as blood levels go, all of Mel's levels were down. Dr. Peterson said that they aren't concerned until her levels start to go down every week. Having blood levels that go up and down is normal for everyone. Mel will need to continue to be careful about germs, dust, molds and sick people. We are all working hard to keep her healthy.

Mel came back home today in time for Kaden's baseball game. She will have her Methotrexate level checked tomorrow at Logan Regional.

Next Thursday is Biopsy day. Mel is really nervous about it considering her last experience. Please keep her in your prayers.

Stay strong Melly! We love you!


rania_ka said...

You have never left my prayers..
Love Rania

Kerren said...

thinking of you, wishing you well, and missing you.
modern medicine is miraculous -- but a little scary at the same time.

Soto family said...

Hey Mel!!!
Are you feeling up to some duets? Let me know! :) Miss you!

Mel said...

Thank you Rania!

Kerren, I am glad you have modern medicine available too. Tread lightly until you are all healed up.

Jen - Duets would be wonderful! Just keep in mind that my brain doesn't always make my fingers move as quickly as I would like, and I have discovered that I struggle with keeping time (especially if I'm working on a new song). Your place or mine?