Thursday, June 24, 2010

Biopsy Day

Melanie had her bone marrow biopsy at 11:45 am today. She wasn't put completely under like she wanted, but they sedated her and gave her plenty of pain medication. She had a male doctor perform the procedure at her request. He was excellent! He was able to get the fluid in one try and the piece of bone in one try as well. The procedure took 25 minutes. When I talked to Mel, she was sore but able to walk (sigh of relief). Mel is really glad to have this behind her after all of the nervousness leading up to it.

Mel's blood levels look great. Everything is up with the exception of her platelets, although they didn't go down by much. Her doctor said that everything looks good on paper and the Chimerism test will tell us if things look good on the inside too.

We got the results of Mel's spinal fluid test from last week and it showed that her spinal fluid if free of cancer!!! That is some great news!

We will get the results of her Chimerism test in a couple of weeks. This test will tell us what percentage of cells in her body are donor cells. We are hoping for a high number.

Melanie and Kaden will be going to a ReAL Salt Lake soccer game tomorrow. They are so excited!! I'll be sure to post pictures.

Thanks for the continued prayers on Mel's behalf. Your support is so much appreciated.


Heidi Hartley said...

I'm so happy to hear all your good news!! I think of you all the time. Have fun at the game!!! :)

rania_ka said...

Great news Melanie..
I'll keep praying for you..
Love Rania