Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Our first post on this blog was November 18, 2009, five days after Mel was diagnosed with bi-phenotypic leukemia.   This was about 3 1/2 years ago. We now have to write the post we never wanted to write.
Mel was released from her pain and imperfect body at 6:22 am, on Tuesday, May 7, 2013. She left this world with the same people who were there to welcome her 35 1/2 years ago, her father and mother.  My mom spent most of the evening awake, because she noticed that Mel's breathing had changed.  She was not responding, which led her to believe that she was in some kind of a coma. In the morning my mom called for my dad to come in.  Mel was fighting to stay alive to the end.  My dad was able to give her a blessing and they told her that Kaden was in good hands and would be well taken care of.  My mom said that as soon as my dad had his hands on her head and started to pronounce the blessing, Mel immediately calmed and was peaceful and relaxed.  My dad told her it was alright to go with the people, who came to get her.  Mel was then free from her fight, from the pain, from her body, and all was still.
Kaden was called up to sit with his mom, after she had passed.  He had a good cry, but we know he will be alright with the great support system he has around him.  He spent a lot of the day looking a bit lost. He loved his mom. He will miss her, but as he said to me at the mortuary, "I am calm."
Yesterday was a bit of a blur. I was able to make it up to Hyde Park and spend a few moments with Mel, before the mortuary took her body.  When I arrived, Cami, Eric, Stephanie and Mike were already here.  It was hard to see them take Mel's body and drive away. All I can really remember of that is hearing my mom say, "My Melly."
Greg and Kim were able to make it in the afternoon.  The rest of the day we cried, we laughed, we visited with the countless number of people who stopped to give their condolences.  We were all in awe at the outpouring of love on facebook and in person.  So many have reached out with flowers, cards, food, supplies, hugs, and tears. 
Today we have been getting all of the busy work done.  My dad, mom, Kaden, Kim, and I took a trip to the cemetery in Hyde Park and picked out the burial plot.  Mike, Stephanie, Cami, and Greg joined us at the mortuary to pick out a casket, vault, dress, and to spend a few precious moments with Mel. 
We are staying busy, trying to get everything prepared for the funeral.  This is probably a good thing.  Mel's obituary will be in the Herald Journal the next couple of days.  For your information, there will be a viewing from 6-8 pm at Allen Mortuary in North Logan. The funeral services will be Saturday at 11:00 am at the Hyde Park Stake Center 535 E. 200 S. There will be another viewing from 9:30-10:45 am before the services begin.
**As part of the program on Saturday, Mel's nieces and nephews will be singing all three verses of I am a Child of God. We would like to invite any of Miss Melanie's former students to join them on the stand.  It will be printed in the program, so you will know when to send your children up.
Thank you once again, for your prayers.  We have felt their calming and peaceful influence.  This is a hard thing, but we know we will see our Melanie again.  We are grateful for that knowledge and testimony.


Marianne said...

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Love to you all!

Emily + Eric said...

Just thinking of all of those angelic voices singing makes me cry. It will be a beautiful way to celebrate & honor Melanie's life.

Suzette Willmore said...

families can be together forever!

Marley said...

It seemed she always found a reason to smile and was always surrounded by so much love!! She really inspired me with her strength, she was truly amazing!!
~Marlene Mitton

Ariane said...

You have such a wonderful family. What a tender mercy that her illness has brought a close family so much closer. Love to you all! My prayers are with you.

Jenson Family said...

So thankful for the plan of salvation and know that you can be a family forever! I'm saddened to hear this and I am keeping your family in my prayers to find some comfort and love. (( HUGS))
Love, Mindee

Jenson Family said...

When someone you love is in heaven, You feel a little bit of heaven in your home!

( love this had to share )