Thursday, August 18, 2011


Last school year, Kaden had to do a project for the school's history fair. He chose to do his project on Jackie Robinson and how he changed the face of baseball. He initially wanted to cover his entire board with baseballs that were cut in half. I explained to him that I thought it was a great/creative idea, but that doing so would cost $90. So, he found all the balls he could (15) and my friend Dave cut them in half for him. The final product wasn't what Kaden envisioned, but he seemed to be pleased. I think Kaden did an outstanding job. His teacher must have too - his grade was 200/200.
I can't believe Kaden will be starting 9th grade next week. Today at registration Kaden told one of the secretaries that he is not excited for school to start. I am excited and anxious. Sixth, seventh, and eight grades were a little rough. I know this year is going to be much better! I am hoping that Kaden's desire to play baseball will be a great motivator for being at school and getting assignments turned in. I am really looking forward to having a school routine going again.
Over the last few months a few exciting things happened:
Kaden decided to tackle shaving without any help from his grandpa or uncles. These pics are from his first time shaving his face.
We had a great time on Mother's Day.
Kaden played his last season of city-league baseball. He was fortunate enough to have John Lee as his coach for the last 5 seasons. His Grandpa Balls and Uncle Mike were his coaches a couple of times too.
Kaden's pitching form improved a lot this year. He did a great job pitching and playing 3rd base. Still, his favorite position is 1st base. He got to play it twice this season, and both time he went out with a huge grin on his face. John is a wise coach and was focused on helping Kaden become a more versatile player.
Batting was good. Kaden was frustrated a lot because he kept getting shallow hits, but he always moved the runners. He had some great hits when they were needed.
Can you find Kaden in this picture? He is the one in the SF Giants hat. I didn't realize he switched hats until everyone was done taking pictures. Kaden has played ball with many of these boys since he started with t-ball. A few of his buddies decided not to play this year. Kaden was bummed about their not playing. I just like that he has had such a great group of boys to play baseball with for so many years.
Kaden played Legion ball with the SV Bobcats for his first time. It was an interesting experience. A coaching change was made just before Legion began, so it was not very organized. Kaden did get some good experience and got to know the boys he will be playing ball with over the next few years. Daniel Lee is shortstop in these pictures. Kaden has played ball with him since t-ball.
Kaden was nailed in the foot when at bat one game. I was impressed that he shook it off and kept going. The first picture was taken when we got home after the game. You can see the thread marks from the ball. The second picture was taken after the swelling went down.
My family had a lot of fun making fun of Kaden and his major farmer's tan.
Kaden and I went to Bear Lake with Stefanie, Taylie, and Lindsey a few weeks ago. Kaden changed from a vanilla/chocolate twist . . .
. . . to neapolitan. I think he will listen to me next time I tell him to put on sunscreen. Especially when at Bear Lake. He had a great time while we were at the lake. It wasn't until we were driving home that he started hurting. Thank heavens for ibuprofen!!!
Kaden and I went to our first ReAL game of the season. One Republic was supposed to perform after the game, but ended out rescheduling. We were not amused. We had fun regardless. Our seats were on the front row. We had a great view of this bald man.
Fabian Espindola is one of my favorite players to watch. He is fast, risky, and just awesome!
Then there is my man, Andy Williams.
Now for my favorite man of all.
That's all the blogging I can handle for now. I have more to blog about: family ReAL game, Bear Lake, Colorado, doctors, randomness.
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Cami said...

Love the update Mel! Kaden is growing up so much. You're doing a great job with him. Love you guys! :)

Kimbies said...

Dang Kaden is growing up!! I always think it is Mike answering your phone when Kaden answers. I hope that he sticks with his baseball and continues to have fun. Love you guys!! :)

Ariane said...

No! No! No! No! Kaden cannot be so grown up!! He's supposed to stay that little guy who loved to come over and hold my babies! I miss you guys!